RedWood Street Wear – Etsy Shop

RedWood Street Wear – Etsy Shop

RedWood Street Wear – Etsy Shop

Sceenshot of the RedWood Wear shop on Etsy

So I was watching some YouTube videos around additional income streams and I saw some of this youtubers talking about Etsy + Printify, so I decided to give it a try. The process is pretty straight forward, however as usual I started with the researching part. So I searched for stores on Etsy by top sales as the first step and 40% of them were selling T Shirts, than I had a look on Google Trends trying to see which type of T Shirts are trending in this period (Equality, Covid, Funny).

As soon I had enough information about what product should I sell and what type of designs should I use, I went and had a look on Printify trying to understand what are the cost, delivery and what type of products could I find sold by the same partner. This was important for me for 2 reasons:

  1. If I need/want to scale the business and I want to sell more product not only T Shirts what are my options?
  2. If you order more than one product from the same partner you would usually get a discount and if there are multiple products in one order you would only need to pay for delivery once.

Once I had all that information, I started doing some research on what are the best places / social media networks where I could promote the T Shirts.

Check out the steps below and the links that will help you get started with Etsy if you wanna give it a try.


Printify: Free

Etsy: Free to open store ($0.20/product to publish them for 3 months)

Envato Placeit For Logo & TShirt Designs

Let me know if you have any questions

How to start your own Etsy Shop. Follow this steps

  • Research Time

    The research part is the most important, and you can do this on Google. Check out what are the best performing stores and what are they selling. Once you got that part done, start checking Google Trends to see which designs would work better for you.

  • Open an Etsy Account

    As I mentioned this should be pretty straight forward, the only thing is that you will need to create your first product before you can connect your Etsy account to Printify. You can just create a test product and deactivate it after.

  • Open a Printify account

    Once you have your Etsy account done, go over to Printify and create a free account, follow the steps there is nothing hard to it, as soon as you finished the account creation you can now connect your Printify account to Etsy. Make sure that you reviewed all the partners there and chose the best one based on where do you want to sell your merchandise and how can you scale with them.

  • Find the best designs

    Now that the shops are done and connected, let’s find some cool designs to use on your merchandise. To do that you could search the web for websites that offer this types of designs (make sure you will get a commercial licence for them). I used, which allows you to use hundreds of designs to build your shop on Etsy.

  • Create your Social Media accounts

  • Start Selling

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