How to Create a Strategy Road Map for Marketing Operations in 2020

How to Create a Strategy Road Map for Marketing Operations in 2020

The Marketing Operations function is becoming an important facet of the marketing organization, enables the marketing function to operate more like a business, with formalized processes, infrastructure, and reporting.

The bare essentials Marketing Operations function should perform at least three functions:

  • Drive the processes for budgeting and investment decisions and more effective strategic planning.
  • Lead the charge for marketing performance measurement processes.
  • Identify and implement the required infrastructure to maintain the consistent implementation of processes.

Marketing operations is a critical driver of marketing performance management.

A high-performance marketing operations strategy road map will address the processes, data, resources, talent/skills, systems, and metrics needed to achieve the strategy goals. The purpose of a road map is to communicate the overall direction, priorities, and how the strategy will be executed. The marketing operations strategy road map should be aligned with the specific objectives for the business, and provide a blueprint for future capabilities.

The following 5 steps will help you shape your Marketing Operations strategy roadmap:

  • How will the Marketing Ops function help the Marketing team and the rest of the organizations achieve their goals.
  • Determine the requirements needed to achieve the goals of the roadmap. High performance Marketing Operations strategy roadmaps address the processes, data, resources, talent/skills, systems,
  • Build a timeline for your roadmap. Break the time frame into individual milestones in chronological order. Determine who owns each milestone and what support they would need to achieve them.
  • Define how will the goals in the strategy roadmap be measured. This is where you need to establish the metrics and KPIs for both the team and the roadmap.
  • Define how will the progress of the roadmap be reported and communicated.

Make sure you will use the following Marketing Operations basic components in your roadmap:

  • Technology, serves as key enabler for creating and supporting performance-driven marketing organizations.
  • Workforce. Marketing operations is responsible for training, and have the skills necessary to be accountable for their work.
  • Processes/process improvement. This is one of the primary responsibilities of marketing operations. All key processes should be defined, monitored, evaluated, and refined quarterly.
  • Performance measures. This component should identify the standards and the timeline for defining and deploying performance metrics.
  • Budget management. This section should identify the budget requirements and the timing to execute the operations strategy.

A strategy road map enables marketing operations to go beyond metrics and dashboards to serving as a key player within the marketing function. The strategy road map enables marketing operations to manage marketing from an end-to-end perspective.

I hope you found this article useful, I would love to hear your thoughts on the Marketing Operations Strategy Roadmap.

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